Sydenham School in progress

Sydenham School in progress

Aug 07, 2013

Work to build two new teaching blocks and refurbish the original school building at Sydenham School to accommodate 1450 pupils is underway.

The very successful science specialism (STEM) girls school has been established on the site since 1917. The school has been housed in a variety of buildings which are no longer suitable to meet the requirements for modern educational delivery. The works will include the retention, refurbishment and remodelling of the original School and reorganisation of the external area, following the demolition of all other existing buildings.

Phase 1 construction works have started on site, involving demolition and works to remodel the rear of the existing original school. The refurbished school building will later connect to the 9,042m2 new build due to be completed in 2015. Further refurbishment works to the 3,418m2 retained building are to take place in 2016.

The existing school will be fully operational during all stages of construction and as a result the new buildings have had to be constructed in the space available, close to the existing buildings. The design solutions also take into account a complex phasing process, avoiding the need for temporary accommodation.

The interior design provides a 'corporate' style backdrop, which reflects the school's vision and specialism. As the school has two distinct styles of architecture it is proposed that the interiors reflect this, with a contemporary bright palette for the new building and a muted colour palette in keeping with the Georgian style of the original building.

Other elements which are important to the quality of the design are the inclusion of solar panels, green and brown roofs, thermal efficiency, natural ventilation and the cooling of teaching spaces.