In recognising that the defence sector covers many individual client groups and types of facilities WGI's experience in designing for defence is wide ranging with many types of building and diverse locations, and working with all three of the armed services.

Our design objectives have always been to produce functional and robust buildings in which the armed forces can undertake their respective roles and duties in service, as well as being provided with comfortable and welcoming living, social and recreational facilities. They are based on a clear understanding of the uniqueness of the defence community, its deep sense of history and pride, and the need to successfully balance the requirements of people and equipment, as well as the quality of the natural environment in which facilities are often located.

In working for all three armed forces our defence projects include facilities for training, testing, maintenance, living, recreation and healthcare capitalising on both our knowledge of the individual client groups and our expertise across other sectors. As the defence sector evolves to meet the challenges of ever changing domestic and international demands we continue to play our part by generating new ideas in the application of design standards, the rationalisation of individual facilities and the consolidation of the overall estate.