Baker Barracks

Balfour Beatty, working with WGI as its design partner, won the Prime Contract tender to redevelop the home base of 12th Regiment Royal Artillery - a mechanised infantry vehicle regiment based near Chichester.
The brief called for a range of new and refurbished military buildings covering tracked and wheeled armoured vehicle maintenance garaging, as well as senior and junior ranks living accommodation and associated sports and welfare facilities. Dispersed around the base, the new buildings were connected to existing ones, but works needed to be completed with careful phasing and without any impact to operations. The nature of the site also called for all statutory and counterterrorist measure approvals to be obtained, as well as resolution of a number of sensitive environmental planning issues. The result was a sustainable solution with retention and re-use of existing ground bearing slabs. Construction vehicle movements were reduced and disruption minimised as a result of the volumetric solution employed.

Date: 2005
Location: Emsworth, Hampshire
Client: Balfour Beatty for DIO
Value: £12m
Service: Architecture: Full Design