Emma Phase 1

Balfour Beatty was one of four parties invited to submit a scheme and guaranteed maximum price for single living accommodation for ratings both permanently and temporarily based at Portsmouth Naval Base. Existing accommodation was in poor quality, high rise dormitory blocks with up to ten men sharing each space. On winning the bid, Balfour Beatty engaged WGI to assist in the planning application submission and delivering the £35 million scheme in a pain / gain incentivised contract format.
Challenges included delivering the 575 self-contained en suite single rooms as quickly as possible on a very restricted site area within a 24/7 operational base - with accompanying traffic congestion and high levels of security. The project also had to be phased to allow demolition and rebuilding in tandem.
Planning approval was achieved in a very limited timescale - including engagement and approval by local conservation groups. Widespread use of prefabricated and pre-delivery tested volumetric double-room units minimised the impact on the base.

Date: 2006
Location: Naval Base, Portsmouth
Client: Balfour Beatty for DIO
Value: £35m
Service: Architecture: Full Design