Emma Phase 2

Successful completion of Phase 1 of the single living accommodation project at Portsmouth Naval Base led to WGI's retention within the original design team, when Balfour Beatty negotiated the contract for the second phase.
This phase entailed the fast-track delivery of 300 self-contained single rooms with en suite facilities. The site suffered from a restricted footprint with adjacent car parking, giving rise to security concerns - a challenge which was required to be addressed in the design. In common with Phase 1, construction had to be phased and controlled to minimise any impact on the security and functionality of the 24/7 operational base.
Planning approval was obtained by WGI very quickly - including engagement with and approval by local conservation groups due to the project's historic setting.
The innovative, eight-storey block again made use of extensive prefabrication techniques - this time to bathrooms, plant rooms, services ladders and cladding. This enabled early occupation by the MoD, and car parking was retained on a very limited site footprint.

Date: 2008
Location: Portsmouth, Hampshire
Client: Balfour Beatty for DIO
Value: £14m
Service: Architecture: Full Design