Highbury Fields School

Highbury Fields School is a Secondary School including a sixth form with a current roll of 750 pupils based in in London Borough of Islington. It is one of a number of existing secondary schools within the borough which were redeveloped as part of the Islington's BSF programme. Despite the existing school being a complex with a mix of building styles and age, they all had a level of level of quality and individuality which formed the basis of the design in the way they were brought together, with the reconfiguration of the floor plans and the introduction of the new entrance building.
In view of the project's limited budget, particular care was taken to maximise the impact and concentrate on resolving the school's primary requirements to address basic needs and condition in the most economical way. The courtyard was covered between the science block and the main building to provide additional space and a more functional school entrance in the context of the new internal layouts and to reinforce the separation between pupils and visitors. As a prominent feature from the street the new entrance reinforces the school's identity and offers the public glimpses into the working school.
The choice of materials and colours was a significant part of the detail design as a way of enhancing wayfinding and highlighting the unique qualities of the buildings that make up the school complex.

Date: 2013
Location: Islington, London
Client: London Borough of Islington
Value: £8m
Service: Architecture, Interiors: Full Design