Highgate Wood School

The existing Highgate Wood Secondary School - originally built in 1961 - had been extended under an earlier PFI scheme. This had not resolved historical circulation problems, but instead compromised the central dining and library facilities. Under the Haringey Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme, WGI was briefed to solve these core problems by re-creating a central 'heart' using clear and defined circulation areas and a totally new two-storey dining and central learning resource area. In addition to this centrepiece, extensive refurbishments included work to the stage area of the school hall and other facilities, creating sixth form study rooms and music practice rooms. External learning and social areas were also enhanced with new covered learning and performance areas.
The new central areas have been completely transformed and departments that were previously disconnected are now part of the school's new integrated feel. The £3.5 million project was delivered through the Haringey Framework of Design Team Partners.

Date: 2010
Location: Haringey, London
Client: London Borough of Haringey
Value: £3.5m
Service: Architecture: Planning Design