Sydenham School

Sydenham School is part of the second phase of the Lewisham BSF programme. WGI's design solution was to build two new teaching blocks and refurbish the original 1917 school building to include a 6th Form and accommodate an additional 330 students, offering a total of 1470 pupil places.
The original campus consisted of a number of separate building blocks of various ages which had limited connectivity. The formation of a new 'L' shaped teaching block provides a cross-faculty link as well as external areas which respond to the activities within and reinforce the concept of a parklike setting. As a result, the different building elements are now connected in a way that both responds to the urban context and respects the importance of the original historical school building within a radically reconfigured complex.
Sydenham School is a science and mathematics specialist school with a nationally recognised, innovative and successful practice in STEM. It was therefore essential that the new design responded to the STEM teaching agenda and the approach was to express the specialist nature of the school through the design of a bespoke building. The STEM building contains larger room sizes, a higher level of services provision and an environment required for specialist teaching areas which have been specifically designed to support the education delivery required and as defined in the school's education vision.
This was achieved within team achieved within the budgetary constraints and the EFA's area reduction requirements and without compromising the functionality, effectiveness and quality of the teaching facilities.

Date: 2016
Location: Lewisham, London
Client: London Borough of Lewisham
Value: £19.8m
Service: Architecture, Interiors: Full Design