Temple Moor School

WGI's brief at Leeds' Temple Moor High School was to completely refurbish a community school housed in predominantly 1950s school buildings originally designed to house 550 students, into a new learning environment for 1220, with specialist provision for 30 students with high care needs. A particular challenge was the legacy ground floor environment that presented 17 different floor levels, clearly far from ideal for children with physical difficulties. Not only this, but refurbishment had to be phased with the minimum disruption during term time.
The use of light and space in the design allowed full circulation around the entire school without having to leave the building. This improved movement throughout the school and reduced transfer times. Wide learning zones replaced corridors, allowing students and staff to work openly together, stimulating enthusiasm and enhancing collaborative learning. New build science, technology and sports areas are also featured. The project has provoked highly positive reaction from staff, students and Education Leeds alike. WGI attributes much of the success of the £20 million project to a strong partnership approach and robust team relationships.

Date: 2009
Location: Leeds, Yorkshire
Client: E4L for Leeds City Council
Value: £20m
Service: Architecture, Interiors: Full Design