The Octagon Centre

The Octagon Centre is part of the Haringey Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme. Existing provision in the original 1960s-built Alternative Provision (or Pupil Referral Unit) facility was poor - lacking in character and rarely used by the students it was intended to support. Expansion to a 21st Century education provision for 80 students, involving both refurbishment and extension, was largely dictated by the existing strong geometrical plan form of an octagon inside an irregular hexagon. WGI's design solution integrated all extensions closely to the existing structure, producing a more legible design and a building with a strong geometry and image of its own.
The facility has been completely transformed, is fully occupied and is a complete success, according to the London Borough of Haringey. An innovative, ICT-rich independent learning area is complemented by specialist vocational facilities and provision to maintain a maximum group size of eight pupils in general teaching areas.
The £4.2 million, 2,000 m2 project delivered through the Haringey Framework of Design Team Partners.

Date: 2010
Location: Haringey, London
Client: London Borough of Haringey
Value: £4m
Service: Architecture: Full Design