WGI's extensive experience of designing for the healthcare sector spans over 70 years and totals more than 30,000 beds in facilities worldwide.
Our design objectives have always been to produce stimulating, therapeutic and effective environments in which the provision of healthcare can flourish and evolve, based on a clear understanding of medical processes, departmental adjacencies, detailed space requirements and the need to provide flexible accommodation that supports an ever changing healthcare economy.
Working with both public and private clients our healthcare projects include facilities for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Care, Mental Health, as well as Elderly Care, in a whole range of sizes, from small local solutions, to estate wide masterplanning and redevelopment.
We have been involved in projects at every stage of development from strategic outlines through to completion on site, allowing our staff a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the very specific healthcare design requirements and their development within the life of a project.
Whilst our breadth and depth of experience covers almost every aspect of healthcare, we at WGI are always single minded in the pursuit of optimum design solutions that respond to and address our client's current needs and future aspirations.