Great Ormond Street Hospital IPP Hedgehog Ward

The Trust provided a detailed brief for 10 new inpatient bedrooms with en-suites and support facilities such as treatment rooms as well as a playroom and staff and parent facilities.

The International Private Patients unit is geared predominately to support Middle Eastern patients, and, as such, required a high quality interior which also reflects the future aspirations of the department.

WGI presented a number of trial themes for the interior which were developed through a series of 3D views, updated and honed down, to provide final images. A high end hotel approach to the interior design was what was aimed for.

While a lot of emphasis was placed on the interiors, a challenging planning application had to be submitted to deal with the neighbouring listed chapel, affected by the project.

The new Hedgehog Ward is located in the Southwood building which originates from the late 1930s. This forced very tight coordination with some innovative outcomes, and significant customisation of standard hospital solutions.


Date: 2016
Location: Camden, London
Client: Balfour Beatty for Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Value: £5m
Service: Architecture, Interiors: Full Design