Great Ormond Street Hospital Mildred Creak Unit

WGI designed the upgrade and expansion of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) unit. The unit is an intensive intervention nine-bed inpatient care facility for children from 7-14 with a range of mental health problems, located on the top floor of the frontage building.

Concern had been growing about the existing accommodation, which had been allowed to deteriorate and posed a number of ligature risks to patients.

WGI's task was to create a safe, bright, contemporary environment for patients, to some of which the unit is 'home', school and leisure space for protracted periods.

Spaces were remodelled, surface finishes changed, colour added, artworks introduced and the number of bedrooms increased. A caged play area on the roof was transformed by introducing glass walls, artificial grass surface, planters and seating.


Date: 2009
Location: Camden, London
Client: Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
Value: £1.2m
Service: Architecture, Interiors: Full Design